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Taken by Beren after the loss of his hand in I 466
Beren lost his hand to Carcharoth at the Doors of Angband
Beren took the title before the throne of Thingol in Menegroth
Other names
The Empty-handed; closely related to Erchamion, 'One-handed'
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The Empty-handed

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A title given to himself by Beren as he stood before Thingol in Menegroth. Thingol had demanded a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth as the bride-price of his daughter Lúthien, thinking the task impossible. Nonetheless Beren and Lúthien together succeeded in achieving the Quest of the Silmaril, but on their escape from Angband Beren's right hand, bearing the Jewel, had been bitten from his arm by the Wolf Carcharoth.

When he returned to Thingol, Beren reported truly that his hand was holding a Silmaril as Thingol had demanded, but revealed that it had been lost. At that time he called himself Camlost, 'Empty-handed'. The title moved into common use, and Beren is sometimes referred to as 'Beren Camlost', though the related title Erchamion, 'One-handed', was more commonly used.

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The Empty-handed

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