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Eastlands of Númenor

The land known as the Orrostar

Regions of Númenor

A translation of Orrostar, the Númenóreans' name for a broad eastern peninsula of their island home. The Eastlands formed a wide promontory extending out to the east of the Isle for some two hundred and fifty miles. To the north, south and east, it was surrounded by the waters of the Great Sea, but on its landward side to the west, its borders met those of the Forostar, Mittalmar and Arandor.

The Eastlands was not a heavily populated region, and contained no large cities. A range of hills along its northern coast protected it from the worst of the cold north winds, so that crops could be grown in its interior regions. It formed, therefore, an important part of the farmlands of Númenor, especially in its western and southern parts.

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