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The oldest barrows on the downs were said to date back as far as the First Age
East of the Shire, between the Old Forest and Bree
Used as burial grounds since the earliest days of Men
Evil spirits were sent to dwell there by the Witch-king in the middle years of the Third Age
Built by Men, later inhabited by Barrow-wights
'Barrow' is an old word for the grave-mounds found among these hills
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The haunted hills of Tyrn Gorthad

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Map of the Barrown-downs
The Whispering Knights, part of the complex of prehistoric standing stones known as the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, England. Well known to Tolkien, it's likely that stones like these formed part of his inspiration for the ancient monuments among the Barrow-downs.

The downs to the east of the Shire that held the ancient burial grounds of Men. During the time of the realm of Angmar, evil things came to dwell among the barrows, and some were still to be found there at the time of the War of the Ring.

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