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Fought after the awakening of the Elves, long ago in the Years of the Trees1
Across the northern parts of Middle-earth, passing eastward from its northwestern coasts
Fought between the Valar and Melkor
Angband and Utumno were ruined in this conflict
Other names
War of the Powers; also referred to as the 'battle of the Valar'2


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Battle of the Powers

The ruin of Utumno and capture of Melkor

The great battle between the Valar and Melkor that took place soon after the awakening of the Elves. Melkor's ancient stronghold of Utumno was laid in ruins, and he himself was taken as prisoner to Valinor.



According to the Annals of Aman in volume 10 of The History of Middle-earth, the Valar launched their attack against Melkor in Year of the Trees 1090, and the Melkor was defeated in 1099. Converting these dates into conventional years (a somewhat approximate process) the War started a little less than 4,000 years before the first rising of the Sun, and the fighting continued for more than a century before Melkor was finally captured.


This term appears in The Return of the King, where Théoden riding to war is compared to Oromë at the 'battle of the Valar' (V 5, The Ride of the Rohirrim). The lack of capitalisation here suggests that this isn't to be considered an 'official' name for the war.

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