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Victor over the southern lands

Ciryaher, the son of King Ciryandil, was to become the last of Gondor's four Ship-kings. The haven of Umbar had been captured by his grandfather Eärnil, but Gondor had been hard put to defend the haven since its capture. Ciryaher's father was himself lost in an assault by the Haradrim, holding the defence of Umbar. Ciryaher was a patient man, and slowly built his fleets and his armies in the north until he was sure of victory. At last, thirty-five years after his father's loss, he launched an unstoppable assault on the southern lands, and utterly conquered the Men of Harad. From this time, Ciryaher took the name Hyarmendacil, signifying 'South-victor'.

Ciryaher ruled in Gondor for one hundred and thirty-four years, and brought that land to the height of its glory. He was succeeded by his son Atanatar II Alcarin.

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