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The North-South Road was constructed in the last years of the Second Age
It began to fall into decay from the seventeenth century of the Third Age1
Running north to south between the ancient kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor
Built by Elendil and his sons
Probably2 originally ran between Annúminas and Osgiliath
From the ruined and overgrown state of the road in the later Third Age, especially the part that ran past Bree
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The remnant of the old North-South Road

Map of the Greenway

Especially in the northern parts of Middle-earth, the name given to the overgrown remains of the ancient North-South Road that ran from Gondor in the south to Arnor in the north.



The seventeenth century is the only recorded date relevant to the decay of the North-South Road: it was the time when the maintainers of the road were withdrawn from Tharbad in its middle reaches, far to the south of Bree. At this time the North-kingdom had been at war for several hundred years, and the segment of the Road under its control may already have begun to fall into disrepair.


Actually, the termini of the North-South Road are not established with certainty, but Annúminas and Osgiliath were the capitals of the North- and South-kingdoms at the time the road was built, and it seems unlikely that the Dúnedain would build a road across Middle-earth without connecting their two main cities.


About this entry:

  • Updated 18 December 2016
  • Updates planned: 1

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