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Largely destroyed at the end of the First Age1
The land west of the Blue Mountains that lay between the rivers Sirion and Gelion
Mainly populated by Elves, though an encampment of Men was established at Estolad
Primarily Sindar and Noldor
The dominant cultures were those of the Elves of Doriath and the followers of the Sons of Fëanor
Menegroth in Doriath, and the dwellings of several of the Sons of Fëanor2 and of Eöl; Men later settled at Estolad, and later still a refuge was established at the Mouths of Sirion
The Mouths of Sirion lay in the southwest of this region
Important peaks
Beleriand is pronounced 'bele'riand'
Beleriand means the 'country of Balar'


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East Beleriand

The lands between the Sirion and the Gelion

Map of East Beleriand

That part of Beleriand that lay east of the River Sirion, and west of the Gelion. This region was largely under the control of the Sons of Fëanor during the First Age.



East Beleriand was almost entirely consumed by the Great Sea during the War of Wrath, but certain regions around its borders survived that cataclysm. Notably, much of the land eastward, across the river Gelion from East Beleriand, remained above the Sea as the land of Lindon. The Hill of Himring, on East Beleriand's northern fringes, also survived as a small island off the coasts of Middle-earth, becoming known in later ages as Himling.


Outside Doriath, East Beleriand and its northern march was under the power of the Sons of Fëanor, at least until they were driven out after the Dagor Bragollach. The elder brother Maedhros held Himring, the fortified hill that guarded the northern passes, and his brother Maglor held the low ground eastward. Celegorm and Curufin dwelt in Himlad, to the northwest of East Beleriand southward of Maedhros' fortress. The twins Amrod and Amras held lands further southward, to the east of Doriath. Finally, the seventh brother Caranthir did not strictly dwell in East Beleriand, but across the river Gelion in the lands that came to be known as Dor Caranthir after their master.


About this entry:

  • Updated 25 February 2018
  • Updates planned: 1

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