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Formed during the Second Age, perhaps around the year II 17001
A wide region between Mirkwood to the north and the hills of the Emyn Muil to the south


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Brown Lands

The ruined lands to the east of the Anduin

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Map of the Brown Lands

The blighted lands that lay on the eastern banks of the Anduin, between the Emyn Muil in the south and the borders of Rhovanion in the north.



We have very little information about the formation of the Brown Lands. Treebeard reported that he had first seen them 'in the time of the war between Sauron and the Men of the Sea' (The Two Towers III 4, Treebeard) and implies that that war was responsible for the destruction of this region, where the gardens of the Entwives had formerly been found. Treebeard's meaning is not completely clear, but he is probably referring to the defeat of Sauron by the Númenóreans, which would place the formation of the Brown Lands in the year II 1700, or shortly thereafter.

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