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Originated shortly after the Elves. The Entwives seem not to have survived the War of the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age1
Gardens in the area later called the Brown Lands
'Wives of the Ents'. Ent is an Old English word for 'giant'.
Other names
Before becoming Entwives, these beings were known as Entmaidens


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The lost spouses of the Ents

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The mates of the Ents, who had their gardens in the regions later known as the Brown Lands. When Sauron blasted that region, the Entwives escaped into the wilds of Middle-earth and were lost to the Ents (or so the Ents themselves believed).



It should be said that the fate of the Entwives was never resolved with certainty, but the signs are not hopeful. Tolkien's clearest statement on the matter is to be found in his Letters: 'I think that in fact the Entwives had disappeared for good, being destroyed with their gardens in the War of the Last Alliance (Second Age 3429 - 3441)...' (The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien No 144, dated 1954). This is less definite than it might appear, because he goes on to suggest that some might have fled into the east, and finally simply states of their fate, 'I don't know.'

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