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Hobbits named 'Greenhand' lived between III 2851 and about III 2990 (1251 - c.1390 by the Shire-reckoning; roughly 139 years)1
Descendants of Holman the greenhanded
Derived from the title 'the greenhanded', given to the family's ancestor Holman because of his gardening prowess


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Greenhand Family

The gardeners of Hobbiton

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A family of only a few generations descended from Holman the greenhanded, a Hobbiton gardener. The last of the Greenhands was apparently Holman's grandson and namesake, Holman Greenhand, but the family's gardening tradition was carried on by his apprentice, Hamfast Gamgee.



Holman Greenhand left no descendants, and so was the last of the Greenhand family. Apart from his date of birth, we have little definite information about him, but certain clues suggest that he retired from gardening in about III 2961 at the age of sixty-nine. If he lived a typical Hobbit lifespan, he would probably have survived for about another thirty years after that date, hence the estimate above of about III 2990 as the last date a Greenhand was extant.

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