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Amon LancThe hill beneath Dol Guldur
Amon LhawThe Hill of Hearing in the eastern Emyn Muil
Arvedui Last-kingLast of the Kings of Arthedain
A Hobbit’s HolidayThe subtitle of Bilbo Baggin’s memoirs
Adalbert BolgerThe son of Rudibert Bolger
Adaldrida BolgerThe mother of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Adalgar BolgerA head of the Bolger family
Adalgrim TookA grandfather of Peregrin Took
AdanedhelThe Elf-Man of Nargothrond
Adelard TookOne of the Old Took’s many descendants
AdrahilThe twenty-first Prince of Dol Amroth
AdrahilA captain of Ondoher's army
AduialThe dim light of evening
AeglosThe Snowthorn of Amon Rûdh
Aeglos (Aiglos)The Spear of Gil-galad
Aelin-uialThe Twilit Meres of the River Sirion
AfterlitheThe month following midsummer
AfteryuleThe first month of the Shire Calendar
AglarondThe Glittering Caves
AilinelOne of the sisters of Aldarion
AinulindalëThe Great Music of the Ainur
AiwendilThe ancient name of Radagast
AkallabêthA name for Downfallen Númenor
‘Akallabêth’The Tale of the Downfall of Númenor
AlatarOne of the lost Blue Wizards
AlatárielA name of Galadriel
AlcarinThe Glorious
AlcarinThe true heir of Tar-Vanimeldë
AlcarinquëA light placed in the sky by Varda
AlcarondasThe Castle of the Sea
AldalómëA name for Fangorn Forest
AldamirThe successor to Eldacar of Gondor
AldarionThe heir to Tar-Meneldur of Númenor
‘Aldarion and Erendis’The tale of the Mariner’s Wife
AldaronLord of Trees
AldburgHistoric home of Eorl the Young
AldëaThe day of the White Tree
Aldor the OldRohan’s longest-reigning King
AldudéniëLament for the Two Trees
AldúyaThe Day of the Two Trees
AlfirinThe Elves’ name for simbelmynë
Alfrida of the YaleAn early ancestor of the Bolgers
AlgundEldest of the Gaurwaith
AlmaidaA haven of northwestern Númenor
AlmarenThe ancient home of the Valar
AlmarianQueen to Tar-Meneldur of Númenor
AlmielThe youngest daughter of Tar-Meneldur
Alphabet of DaeronThe original Runes
AlqualondëThe Haven of the Swans
AltárielThe Quenya form of Galadriel’s name
AmandilNoble father of Elendil
AmandilEldest son and heir of Vardamir Nólimon
Amethyst HornblowerWife to Rudibert Bolger
AmlachA leader of dissent at Estolad
Amlaith of FornostThe first King of Arthedain
Amon ObelThe fortified hill at the heart of Brethil
Amon SûlThe hill that Men called Weathertop
Amon UilosMount Everwhite
AnardilThe sixth King of Gondor
AnardilThe birth-name of Tar-Aldarion
AncalagonMightiest of the winged Dragons
AncalimëHeir to Tar-Aldarion of Númenor
AncalimëThe Elven-tree of Aldarion
AncalimonA name for the fourteenth Ruler of Númenor
AndúrilThe Flame of the West
AnfalasA shoreland fief of Gondor
AnfauglirThe Jaws of Thirst
AnfauglithThe Gasping Dust north of Beleriand
Angelica BagginsThe daughter of Ponto Baggins
AngelimirThe twentieth Prince of Dol Amroth
AnglachelThe mate of Anguirel
AnguirelThe sword of Eöl
AnnaelThe foster-father of Tuor
Annon-in-GelydhThe hidden Gate of the Noldor
Appledore FamilyA family of the Men of Bree
Ar-BelzagarThe Adûnaic name of Tar-Calmacil
Ar-FeinielThe White Lady
Ar-GimilzôrThe father of Tar-Palantir
Ar-InziladûnTar-Palantir’s original Adûnaic name
Ar-SakalthôrThe twenty-second ruler of Númenor
Ar-ZimraphelThe unwilling Queen to Ar-Pharazôn
AraglasThe sixth Chieftain of the Dúnedain
Aragorn ElessarSon of Arathorn, Heir of Isildur and King of the Reunited Kingdom of the Dúnedain
ArahaelThe second Chieftain of the Dúnedain
AranelA title of Dior, and Erendis
ArassuilThe eleventh Chieftain of the North
AravalThe thirteenth King of Arthedain
Ard-galenThe former name of Anfauglith
Aredhel Ar-FeinielThe White Lady of the Noldor
Argeleb IThe seventh King of Arthedain
Argeleb IIThe tenth King of Arthedain
ArmenelosThe royal city of Númenor
ArvegilThe eleventh King of Arthedain
Arveleg IThe eighth King of Arthedain
Arveleg IIThe twelfth King of Arthedain
AsfalothThe horse of Glorfindel
AsphodelPale flowers of the woodland
Asphodel BrandybuckA daughter of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
AstaldoThe surname of Tulkas
AtalantëA name for the Downfallen isle
AtanalcarYoungest child of Elros Tar-Minyatur
Atanatar II AlcarinKing of Gondor at its height
AthelasAn Elvish name for Kingsfoil
AulëThe maker of Middle-earth
Aulendil‘Devotee of Aulë
AulendilThird child of Vardamir Nólimon
AvallónëThe haven of Eressëa
AzaghâlLord of Belegost
AzanulbizarThe deep-shadowed valley of the Dimrill Dale
Baggins FamilyAn old and important family of Hobbiton
BalanThe original name of Bëor the Old
Balbo BagginsAn ancestor of Bilbo Baggins
BalchothFierce Easterling enemies of Gondor
Bald HillThe rocky height of Amon Rûdh
BaldorThe doomed son of Brego
BalinThe Lord of Moria
BalrogsDread Servants of Melkor
BamfurlongThe home of Farmer Maggot
Ban of the ValarThe ban on the mariners of Númenor
BanakilThe Westron word for a Halfling
Bandobras ‘Bullroarer’ TookVictor of the Battle of Greenfields
Bane of GlaurungDagnir Glaurunga, a title of Túrin
Banks FamilyA common family of Hobbits
Barad EithelThe fortress at the well of Sirion
BarleyGrain used to make beer
BarleyA nickname of Barliman Butterbur
Barliman ButterburThe keeper of the Prancing Pony
Barrel-riderA name given by Bilbo Baggins to himself
BarrowfieldThe grave-ground of the Kings of Rohan
Battle GardensA name mooted for the remade Bagshot Row
Battle of AzanulbizarThe revenge of the Dwarves against Azog
Battle of BywaterThe last battle of the War of the Ring
Battle of DagorladThe climactic battle of the Second Age
Battle of DaleSauron's assault on Dale and Erebor
Battle of Five ArmiesThe great battle before the gates of Erebor
Battle of FornostThe climactic battle after the end of the North-kingdom
Battle of GreenfieldsBandobras Took’s defeat of invading Orcs
Battle of NanduhirionThe end of the War of the Dwarves and the Orcs
Battle of Sudden FlameThe Dagor Bragollach
Battle of the BragollachThe Ruin of Beleriand
Battle of the CampThe final destruction of the Wainriders
Battle of the Crossings of EruiThe fall of Castamir the Usurper
Battle of the Field of CelebrantEorl’s victory over the foes of Gondor
Battle of the Field of GondorThe defence of Minas Tirith
Battle of the GwathlóA defeat of Sauron in the Second Age
Battle of the HavenThe assault on the Teleri
Battle of the HornburgThe battle between Rohan and Isengard beneath Helm’s Deep
Battle of the Mines of MoriaThe defeat of Azog
Battle of the PeakGandalf’s battle on the peak of the Silvertine
Battle of the Pelennor FieldsThe siege and defence of Minas Tirith
Battle of the PlainsGondor’s disastrous first battle with the Wainriders
Battle of the PowersThe ruin of Utumno and capture of Melkor
Battle of TumhaladThe last battle of the warriors of Nargothrond
Battle of Unnumbered TearsA name for the Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Battle PlainThe plain before the Gates of Mordor
Battle-under-StarsThe Dagor-nuin-Giliath
Battles of the Fords of IsenThe defence of western Rohan
BauglirThe surname of Morgoth
Bay of BalarThe bay at the Mouths of Sirion
Bay of BelfalasThe great bay to the south of Gondor
Bay of EldamarHome of the Teleri in Aman
Bay of EldannaThe great western bight of Númenor
Bay of ElvenhomeThe bay east of the Calacirya
Bay of ForochelThe icy bay of the distant north
Belba BagginsAn aunt of Bilbo Baggins
Belecthor IThe fifteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor
Belecthor IIThe twenty-first Ruling Steward of Gondor
BelegThe successor to Amlaith as King of Arthedain
Beleg StrongbowMarchwarden of Doriath
BelegaerThe Great Sea
BelegornThe fourth Ruling Steward of Gondor
BelegostA citadel of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains
BelegundOutlaw ancestor of Eärendil the Mariner
BelegûrA Sindarin name for Melkor
BelegurthA Sindarin name for Melkor
BeleriandThe Country of Balar
Beleth (Bereth)A descendant of the line of Bëor
BelfalasA shoreland fief of Gondor
Bell GoodchildThe mother of Sam Gamgee
Belladonna TookThe mother of Bilbo Baggins
BelthilThe silver tree of Turgon’s courts
BelthrondingThe great black bow of Beleg
Bent WorldThe World after the making of the Straight Road
BergilThe son of Beregond of the Guard
Berilac BrandybuckA cousin of Meriadoc
BerúthielThe Queen with the magical cats
Berylla BoffinAncestor of the Baggins family
Better SmialsA suggested name for the remade Bagshot Row
Big FolkThe Hobbits’ name for Men
Big PeopleMen, according to the Hobbits
Bilbo BagginsThe Ring-finder
Bilbo GamgeeOne of Sam Gamgee’s many sons and daughters
BillSam’s faithful pack pony
Bill FernySaruman’s agent at Bree
Bindbole WoodA northern wood of the Shire
Black ArrowThe bane of Smaug
Black BreathThe horror of Morgul

Related topics

Accursed YearsThe long years of Isildur's curse
AdûnakhôrLord of the West
AerandirEärendil’s sea-wandering companion
AerinA noblewoman of Dor-lómin
AfterbornOne of the Elves’ many names for Men
AftercomersThe Younger Children of Ilúvatar
AgathurushThe River Gwathló
AinurThe Holy Ones
AmanThe Undying Lands
AmanyarThe Elves of Aman
Amaranth BrandybuckA sister of Old Rory
AmariëBeloved of Finrod
AmdírThe name of an early King of Lórien
Amon AmarthThe literal translation of ‘Mount Doom
Amon AnwarThe Hill of Awe
Amon DînThe Silent Hill
Amon ErebThe lonely hill of East Beleriand
Amon EthirThe Spyhill of Nargothrond
Amon GwarethThe hill on which Gondolin stood
Amon HenThe Hill of Sight
Amon RûdhThe Bald Hill
Amon TirithThe Hill of Guard
AmrothThe tragic former Lord of Lórien
An Unexpected PartyBilbo’s introduction to Thorin and Company
AnárionThe younger son of Elendil
AnárionSon of Queen Tar-Ancalimë
AnarrímaA constellation created by Varda
AnbornA tracker of Ithilien
Ancient SpeechThe tongue of the High Elves
Ancient TongueThe language of the High Elves
Ancient WestAman, the lost Blessed Realm
AndorThe Land of Gift
AndramThe Long Wall
AndrastThe peninsula of Ras Morthil
AndrógAn outlaw of Túrin’s band
AndrothRefuge of the Grey-elves of Mithrim
AndúniëThe shoreland city ruled by the ancestors of Elendil
AndustarThe Westlands of Númenor
Andwise ‘Andy’ RoperSam’s rope-making uncle
AngainorThe chain of Melkor
AngamaitëA leader of the Corsairs of Umbar
AngbandThe Hells of Iron
AngborSturdy Lord of Lamedon
Angerthas DaeronThe later Runes of the Elves
AnghabarAn iron mine among the Encircling Mountains
AngmarThe realm of the Witch-king
AngrenostThe ringed fortress also called Isengard
AngrimFather of Gorlim the Unhappy
AngristThe iron-cleaving knife made by Telchar
AngrodBrother to Finrod and Galadriel
Ann-thennathA mode of verse used by the Elves
AnnatarThe ‘Lord of Gifts
AnorAn Elvish name for the Sun
Anor-stoneThe palantír of Minas Anor
AnórienThe lands around Minas Tirith
Anson RoperThe son of Sam's Uncle Andy
ApesForest creatures from the southern lands
Ar-PharazônThe last King of Númenor
AradanThe surname of Malach
Aragorn IA remote ancestor of Aragorn of the Fellowship of the Ring
AramanThe northern lands beyond the Pelóri
ArandorThe Kingsland of Númenor
AranrúthThe sword of Thingol of Doriath
AraphantArthedain’s penultimate King
AratanThe second son of Isildur
Arathorn ITwelfth of the Chieftains of the Dúnedain
Arathorn IIFather to Aragorn Elessar
ArawA name of Oromë in Middle-earth
ArchetForest village of Bree-land
ArciryasYounger son of Telumehtar Umbardacil
ArdaThe World
Arda MarredThe World corrupted by Melkor
ArdamirA descendant of the royal line of Númenor
ArgonathThe Pillars of the Kings
ArminasThe companion of Gelmir
ArnachThe flowery vale west of Minas Tirith
ArodThe steed of Legolas and Gimli
ArrochThe horse of Húrin Thalion
ArtamirThe lost heir of Ondoher
ArtanisThe ‘father-name’ of Galadriel
ArthadOne of the outlaws of Tarn Aeluin
ArthedainLast Realm of the Northern Kings
ArvernienThe coastlands north of the Bay of Balar
Arwen EvenstarNoble Queen to Aragorn Elessar
Asëa aranionKingsfoil
AsgonA rebel of Dor-lómin
AstarThe 'months' of the Númenórean calendars
AvariThose who rejected the summons of the Valar
AvatharA dark southern land of Aman
Awakening of MenThe emergence of Men in Hildórien
AxanturA great-grandson of Elros Tar-Minyatur
Axe of TuorThe weapon of Eärendil’s father
Bag EndThe great smial beneath Hobbiton Hill
Bagshot RowThe row of smials beneath Bag End
BanazîrThe original form of the name ‘Samwise
Bar-eribA camp of Dor-Cúarthol
BarachA forester of Brethil
Barad NimrasFinrod’s coastal watchtower
BaragundThe father of Morwen Eledhwen
BarahirThe rescuer of Finrod Felagund
BarahirAuthor of ‘The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen
BarahirThe eighth Ruling Steward of Gondor
BaranThe elder son of Bëor
Bard IThe Bowman of Lake-town
BardingsThe Men of Dale
Barrow-downsThe haunted hills of Tyrn Gorthad
Barrow-wightsEvil spirits out of Angmar
Base Master of TreacheryA title given by Gandalf to Sauron
BatsFluttering creatures of the night
BeaterThe Orcs’ name for Glamdring
BeechboneAn Ent lost in the Circle of Isengard
BeechesTall trees of the northern forests
BëoriansThe first Men to enter Beleriand
BeornThe Skin-changer of the Vales of Anduin
BeregLeader of the rebels of the House of Bëor
BeregondThe twentieth Ruling Steward of Gondor
BerenThe one-handed hero of the Quest of the Silmaril
BerenThe Steward who installed Saruman in Orthanc
BertOne of the three Trolls that waylaid Bilbo and his companions
Bingo BagginsOne of Bilbo Baggins’ uncles
BirchesSilver-barked trees
Bird-tamerSaruman’s title for Radagast
Birthday PartyBilbo’s farewell to the Shire
Bodo ProudfootAn uncle of Bilbo Baggins
BomburMost rotund of the followers of Thorin
Book of KingsThe chronicle of the House of Anárion
BórThe faithful Easterling

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