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Lord of the West

A title given to the Valar

A title used for any of the great Valar, and especially Manwë. The twentieth King of Númenor, Ar-Adûnakhôr, attempted to usurp this title - it is the meaning of his name.

The Valar The Valar or Powers descended into Arda after its creation, and at first they dwelt in Middle-earth. After their home of Almaren was destroyed by Melkor, they crossed the Great Sea and made a new land for themselves, Valinor, in the Undying Lands of the Uttermost West. Hence the Valar, the Powers of the World, are collectively referred to as the Lords of the West.
Manwë Though any of the Valar might have been named one of the Lords of the West, as an individual title the honour was especially bestowed on Manwë, the Elder King of Arda and chief of the Valar. From the heights of Taniquetil Manwë looked down over the Earth with his spouse Varda, the Queen of the Stars.
Ar-Adûnakhôr Though the title 'Lord of the West' was in general reserved for the Valar, one mortal did assume it. The twentieth King of Númenor chose to overturn tradition by taking a royal name in Adûnaic, the native tongue of the Númenóreans, rather than Elvish. The name he chose was Adûnakhôr, which meant 'Lord of the West' in that language. This choice of name was considered by the Faithful to be presumptuous or even blasphemous.

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