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Created more than three Ages before the first rising of the Sun
In the sky
Made by Varda from the dews of Telperion
Other names
Apparently the Elvish name for the planet we call Jupiter


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A light placed in the sky by Varda

In the distant past, at the time of the awakening of the Elves, Varda added many brilliant stars to to the heavens using the shimmering dews of Telperion the White Tree. Among these were the familiar star-patterns we still know today and other lights that were not truly stars, including Alcarinquë - the planet we know as Jupiter. Its Elvish name translates as 'The Glorious' because it would have been the brightest object in the skies at that time (the Sun, the Moon, and Venus - the Silmaril of Eärendil - were all far in the future at this ancient time).

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