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Came into use after the foundation of Númenor in II 32
'Day of the (White) Tree'
Other names
Orgaladh; originally derived from Elvish Aldúya (or Orgaladhad, 'day of the Two Trees'); the Hobbit day name of Trewesdei (later Trewsday) was also ultimately derived from the Elves' day of the Trees


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The day of the White Tree

The fourth day of the Elves' six-day week was named for the Two Trees of Valinor: Aldúya in the Quenya tongue. When the Númenóreans set up their own calendar, they based six of their days on those of the Elves, including the fourth. The Men of Númenor, though, held the White Tree Telperion in special honour, as its descendant Nimloth grew in their King's Court. So, they changed the name of Aldúya to Aldëa, 'Day of the Tree', in memory of the original White Tree of the Valar.

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