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First used by the Elves
orga'lathad ('th' as in English 'these')
'Day of the Two Trees'
Other names
Aldúya; equivalent to the names Aldëa or Orgaladh used by Men, and to the Trewesdei or Trewsday of the Hobbits


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The day of the Two Trees

Days of the week

The original Sindarin name for the fourth day of the week, commemorating the Two Trees of Valinor (galadh means 'tree', while the -ad ending represents 'two'). The Númenóreans altered the name of this day to Orgaladh, 'Day of the (single) Tree', referring to Nimloth, the White Tree of Númenor. Nonetheless the original form seems to have been adopted by the Men of the Middle-earth, where the earliest recorded Mannish form is 'Trewesdei'. By the end of the Third Age, this had become 'Trewsday'. Despite the similarity of this Mannish name to modern 'Tuesday', as the fourth day of the week Orgaladhad was more closely comparable to modern Thursday.

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