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A leader of the Corsairs of Umbar

the Usurper


One probable line of descent of Angamaitë and Sangahyando from Castamir the Usurper.1

One of the great-grandsons of Castamir the Usurper. With Sangahyando, another descendant of Castamir, Angamaitë followed in the footsteps of his treacherous ancestor. He led the Corsairs of Umbar on a devastating raid against the Gondorian port of Pelargir, where they succeeded in ravaging the city and slaying Minardil, the King of Gondor himself. Angamaitë's name comes from the Elvish for 'Iron-handed'.



All we know for sure about the descent of Angamaitë is that he and Sangahyando were great-grandsons of Castamir, who had usurped the throne of Gondor some two centuries before their time. There's no way to be sure whether they shared the same father (or even the same grandfather) but the fact that they were joint rulers implies that they were fairly closely related. It seems most likely that they were brothers, as shown in the genealogical chart above, but this cannot been established beyond doubt.

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