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Dol Amroth, on the coasts of Belfalas in Gondor
ange'limeer (the 'g' here has the sound in English 'angle', rather than 'angel')


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The twentieth Prince of Dol Amroth

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Princes of Dol Amroth

The father of Adrahil, and grandfather of Prince Imrahil who fought in the War of the Ring. Angelimir was Prince of Dol Amroth during the time that Sauron returned to Mordor and became a true threat to Gondor. He lived long enough to see his granddaugter Finduilas wed Denethor, then heir to the Stewardship of the South-kingdom. Angelimir died the following year, and was succeeded as Prince by his son, Adrahil.

Angelimir's name is spelt 'Angelimar' in Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth. Christopher Tolkien confirms that this is an 'unaccountable error', and gives 'Angelimir' as the correct spelling in volume 12 of The History of Middle-earth.



Angelimir's dates appear only in unpublished material from volume 12 of The History of Middle-earth. They cannot, therefore, be considered entirely canonical.


If Angelimir's name is Elvish, then its elements can be broken down to something like 'iron star jewel' (or possibly 'iron Elf jewel'). It's unclear, though, whether Tolkien intended the name to have a particular Elvish meaning, and (like other members of his house) it may incorporate otherwise unknown Númenórean elements.

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