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Banks Family

A common family of Hobbits

A family name widely used among the Hobbits. Taken from a 'bank' in the sense of a slope or a hillside, the name was found in the Shire, and also in Bree (it's unclear where these were two branches of the same Banks family, or whether the name was adopted independently by two distinct families).

We have records of two individual Hobbits who had the family name of 'Banks'. One of these was Eglantine Banks, a Shire-hobbit who married Paladin Took and was the mother of Peregrin of the Company of the Ring. The fact that Eglantine married the future Thain of the Shire implies that, in the Shire at least, the Banks family was a well-regarded one. The other Banks in records was a Bree-hobbit, Willie Banks, who was killed in the fighting that broke out when the ruffians came to Bree during the War of the Ring. (If these two were related, then their connection must have been very distant; indeed, Peregrin Took was present when Willie Banks' death was revealed, and showed no signs of recognising a member of his mother's family.)

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