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Became extinct at some point after the First Age, probably in the cataclysm that brought that Age to an end
Only recorded growing on the slopes of Amon Rûdh, though surely found elsewhere
Grew around Bar-en-Danwedh on the summit of Amon Rûdh
ai'glos (ai as in English 'eye')
Literally 'point of snow', but usually translated 'Snowthorn'
Other names
Snowthorn; apparently related to modern gorse


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The Snowthorn of Amon Rûdh

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A tall, thorny plant, apparently related to modern gorse, but somewhat larger than that plant. Its sweet-smelling flowers were white, and from them it took its name: aeglos is Elvish for 'Snowthorn'. It was found on the slopes of Amon Rûdh in West Beleriand and surely elsewhere, but if it ever grew east of the Blue Mountains, it is no longer found today. Aeglos shares its name with the famous Spear of Gil-galad, but it isn't clear whether the two names are directly connected with one another.

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