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Used in the Battle of Dagorlad in II 34341
eye'glos ('eye' represents the pronunciation of that English word, with the same pronunciation holding for either alternative spelling)
Other names
There are two variant spellings of this spear's name, Aiglos and Aeglos (though in fact these are pronounced in the same way, and would be written identically in Elvish characters). Aiglos is the spelling in most earlier editions of The Lord of the Rings, but has been adjusted in more recent editions to Aeglos, as a more strict transliteration of the Sindarin name.


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Aeglos (Aiglos)

The Spear of Gil-galad

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The Spear of Gil-galad, carried by him to the War of the Last Alliance. Its name is translated 'snow-point'.



The spear must surely have been in Gil-galad's possession for some time before the Battle of Dagorlad, and may well have dated back to the First Age or even before. Nevertheless, the Battle is the only situation where the spear explicitly appears.


'Snow-point' is the literal interpretation of the spear's name, but some sources go further and suggest the broader meaning 'icicle'. This might easily be correct, but to complicate matters there's an alternative in the name of a plant that grew in Beleriand, known as aeglos (a name interpreted as 'Snowthorn'). It's possible, then, that the point of Gil-galad's spear represented a thorn of this plant, rather than an icicle.

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