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The valley of Azanulbizar beneath the East-gate of Moria
Fought between Dwarves and Orcs
The Dwarves were led by Thráin II of Durin's Folk
Fought outside the gates of Moria
Azanulbizar is pronounced something like 'azanoo'lbeezar'1
Azanulbizar means 'vale of dim streams'
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Battle of Azanulbizar

The revenge of the Dwarves against Azog

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Map of the Battle of Azanulbizar
(1) The first assault of the Dwarves fails; the defending Orcs force them aside towards Kheled-zâram.
(2) The Dwarves of the Iron Hills enter the battle, fighting their way through the ranks of the Orcs to the steps of the East-gate.
(3) Dáin, later called Ironfoot, slays Azog at the East-gate, bringing victory for the Dwarves.
(4) The surviving Orcs flee the field; many of them escape into the south, seeking refuge in the White Mountains.

The battle that ended the War of the Dwarves and the Orcs, in which Náin and Azog were both lost along with many on either side, but the Dwarves won the day.



Dwarvish pronunciations aren't generally explained in detail; the pronunciation guide given here follows the general rules for Elvish words, and is necessarily approximate. In this case we do have one hint, however: in volume 6 of The History of Middle-earth, a fragment of poetry rhymes Dwarvish Azanûl with the English word 'pool'.

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