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The only known member of the family, Rowlie Appledore, was slain in III 3018
Associated with Bree and the lands around


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Appledore Family

A family of the Men of Bree

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One of the many botanical family names favoured by the Men of Bree, 'Appledore' comes from the Old English apuldor, meaning 'apple-tree'. It's clear that apples were relatively common in Bree (Nob and Bob gave Sam Gamgee a pocketful before he left the town) so they seem to have grown nearby: perhaps the Appledore family were traditionally connected with managing apple orchards in the Bree-land.

The occupation of the family must remain in the realms of speculation, as only one of its members is encountered in records. That member was Rowlie Appledore, one of those who stood forward in the winter of III 3018 to hold back a force of ruffians attacking the town of Bree. Though the town was successfully defended, Rowlie did not survive the encounter.

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