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Applied after the Downfall of Númenor in II 3319
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The timeline for this entry shows the time when the name Atalantë would meaningfully be used, starting with the time of the Downfall itself near the end of the Second Age


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A name for the Downfallen isle

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A name in Quenya for Númenor after its Downfall, meaning simply 'The Downfallen'.



A comparison between Elvish Atalantë and Greek Atlantis seems almost irresistable, especially as both names referred to island kingdoms in the great western ocean that sank beneath the sea. Tolkien himself denied any linguistic connection, and stressed that the name Atalantë is a natural Elvish construction. On the other hand, he did clearly acknowledge the similarity between the two stories, even going so far as to say that the tales of Númenor '...are my own use for my own purposes of the Atlantis legend... (The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien No. 227, dated 1961).


These are strict equivalents of Atalantë, referring to Númenor after the Downfall. During the Second Age, the isle and kingdom of Númenor acquired many other names, including Anadûnê, Andor, Elenna, The Land of Gift, Númenórë, Starwards, Westernesse and Yôzâyan

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