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Born some time before the War of the Ring1; lived at least until III 3019
'Barliman' comes from 'Barley-man', meaning a brewer or innkeeper
'Butterbur' is the name of a plant, one of the typically botanical names used by the Men of Bree
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Barliman Butterbur

The keeper of the Prancing Pony

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A Man of Bree, the keeper of the Prancing Pony inn where Frodo Baggins met Aragorn for the first time.



Barliman's dates of birth and death are not recorded, but he's often referred to in The Lord of the Rings as 'old Barliman' or 'old Butterbur'. On that basis, it's probably fair to assume he was born no later than about III 2968 (that is, he would be fifty or more years old when he first encountered Frodo Baggins - who would have been around the same age - in III 3018).

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