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A noblewoman of Dor-lómin


A woman of close kin to Húrin Thalion, who Brodda the Easterling took to wife after he claimed Hithlum. She secretly aided Húrin's wife Morwen after the disaster of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.



Aerin was known to be a kinswoman of Húrin in some degree, but the only specific detail we have about her family is that her father's name was Indor. In early versions of the legends of the First Age, Indor is given as the name of Tuor's paternal grandfather (the character who would later be called Galdor). Galdor was Húrin's father, so if this relationship held, then Aerin would not merely be a kinswoman of Húrin, but actually his sister. This is hardly plausible, and rather it seems that the name Indor was transferred to another, less significant, descendant of the House of Hador.

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