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Founded before the first rising of the Sun; destroyed in the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age
To the east of Mount Dolmed in the Ered Luin
Not certainly known1
'Great fortress'
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A citadel of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains

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Map of Belegost

An Elvish name (meaning simply 'Great Fortress') for the Dwarf-citadel that lay near Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains, called Gabilgathol by the Dwarves themselves.



In the twelfth volume of the The History of Middle-earth, The Peoples of Middle-earth, an essay appears entitled Of Dwarves and Men which sheds some light on the people of Belegost. Circumstantial evidence given there suggests that the Dwarves of Belegost were unrelated to Durin's Folk, the Longbeards that appear in Tolkien's better-known work, and instead belonged to a different clan, either the Firebeards or the Broadbeams. The word-order used there suggests that Belegost was founded by the Broadbeams, while nearby Nogrod was populated by the Firebeard clan.

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