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Established after the foundation of the Shire in III 1601, and probably rather later
In the Shire's Marish region, between Stock and Rushey
Tentatively interpreted as 'bean field' (see text)


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The home of Farmer Maggot

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A farm in the boggy region of the Marish in the eastern Shire. It was the home of Farmer Maggot, who (like the other Hobbits in this inhospitable area) lived above ground rather than in a traditional hobbit-hole. Maggot's farm was well-known in the area for his mushrooms, which he protected fiercely against trespassers with his three fearsome dogs.

The name Bamfurlong is an old English one. Tolkien suggests that it comes originally from words meaning very roughly 'bean-field', though definite knowledge of its meaning is now lost.

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