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Founded no earlier than III 1601 (year 1 by the Shire-reckoning): survived into the Fourth Age
In the Marish, on the road from Stock to Deephallow, in the Eastfarthing of the Shire
'Isle of rushes'1


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A village of the Shire’s Eastfarthing

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Map of Rushey

A small village in the Eastfarthing of the Shire, on the road southwards from Stock to Deephallow, not far from the banks of the Brandywine. It lay in the southern parts of the marshy region of the Shire known as the Marish, in an elevated area from which it took its name (Rushey means 'rush isle'). As was common in this far eastern part of the Shire, the Hobbits of Rushey tended to acknowledge the authority of the Master of Buckland across the Brandywine, rather than the Thain or Mayor of the Shire.

On the map of the Shire that accompanies The Lord of the Rings, the name of this village is spelt Rushy rather than Rushey. This is an acknowledged error (the ey element is an important part of the name's origins) rather than a simple variant.



The -ey in Rushey's name comes from an old word for 'island', chosen because the village stood on a rare piece of dry land among the wetlands of the Marish.

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