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Made some time after the settlement of the Shire in III 1601
Leading westward from the Causeway in the Shire's Eastfarthing, south of Stock
Led to and past Maggot's farm of Bamfurlong


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Maggot’s Lane

The lane that led past Bamfurlong

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Map of Maggot's Lane
Maggot's Lane in the Marish (slightly conjectural)1

A short lane in the Marish region of the Shire. Just one or two miles long, it led westwards from the Causeway to Maggot's farm at Bamfurlong, and then on for a short distance into his fields further to the west. Though a minor thoroughfare, the lane had a remarkable list of visitors: Tom Bombadil travelled down it to see his friend Maggot, and later one of the Nazgûl came along it in search of 'Baggins'. Frodo, Sam and Pippin entered it from the fields to the west and were driven to its eastern end on the Causeway by Farmer Maggot.



Maggot's Lane isn't shown on any map, but the text of The Lord of the Rings gives us plenty of details about it: it was a mile or two from Bamfurlong to the Causeway, and that junction lay about five miles south of the lane to Bucklebury Ferry.

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