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In use during the period II 1200 to c. II 1600
'Devotee of Aulë'
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‘Devotee of Aulë

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In the early Second Age, Sauron came to the Noldor in disguise, taking various different aliases in his efforts to seduce them. The best known of these was probably Annatar, 'Lord of Gifts', but it seems that he took at least two other names as well. One of these was Aulendil, meaning approximately 'devotee of Aulë'. Aulë was the Vala with special knowledge of making and invention, and was held in particular reverence by the Noldor - hence, presumably, Sauron's choice of the name. There was a special irony in the choice, too, because in the far distant past, Sauron actually had belonged to the people of Aulë, until he was corrupted into the service of Melkor.

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