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Bay of Forochel

The icy bay of the distant north

A vast bay of the Great Sea in the cold northern climes of Middle-earth, often referred to as the 'Icebay' of Forochel. A small southern part of this bay is shown on the maps that accompany The Lord of the Rings, but it seems that the Bay itself extended far beyond this, stretching far to the northeast1.

Around the edges of the Bay, in earlier times, lived a people known as the Forodwaith. Their descendants were the snow-dwelling Lossoth, who aided Arvedui after he fled from the wreck of Arthedain. Ignoring their warnings, Arvedui attempted to escape across the Bay by ship, and was lost in its icy deeps.



At least, sketch-maps found in volume 7 of The History of Middle-earth show an enormous bay, many times the size of the small bight seen on the 'standard' maps.

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