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Men of the ancient Northern Waste

An almost unknown people who dwelt in the north of Middle-earth in the distant past, apparently dating back to the First Age. They were noted as being a hardy people, as indeed would be necessary living in the icy lands closest to Morgoth's stronghold at Angband.

By the Third Age, little was left of the Forodwaith. Their last remnant were a people known as the Lossoth, living around the shores of the Icebay of Forochel. They did leave one great memorial, though: the wastes of northern Middle-earth retained the name of the Forodwaith who had lived there. Judging by the extents of the wasteland that bore their name, these people wandered much further afield than Forochel. These lands stretch to the north of the Misty Mountains and the Grey, for hundreds of miles eastward from the Icebay.

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