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Running west-to-east across northern Middle-earth, from Mount Gundabad in the west to the Withered Heath in the east
Among the Dragons, the Long-worms seem to have been prevalent; among the Dwarves, the settlers in the Grey Mountains were mainly of the Longbeards (Durin's Folk)
The Greylin (one of the sources of Anduin) and the Forest River rose in this range
Important peaks
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Grey Mountains

A mountain-range of northern Middle-earth

Map of the Grey Mountains

A northern range of Middle-earth, running west to east and forming the likely northern border of the region of Rhovanion. They were long mined by the Dwarves, who were driven from them in the late Third Age by Cold-drakes from the north, and were later colonised by Orcs.



Mount Gundabad stood at the point where the Grey Mountains and the Misty Mountains met, and it could reasonably be claimed to belong to either range, or to both.

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