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Dwarves of the Grey Mountains, and later Erebor
Settled at Erebor in later life


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The younger brother of King Dáin I

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A Dwarf of the Folk of Durin, born and raised during the time when that people were dwelling in the Grey Mountains. Borin was of royal blood, the second son of King Náin II, and after Náin's time Borin's elder brother Dáin took up the Kingship. Dáin's rule ended in disaster when a Cold-drake attacked the halls of the Dwarves, killing the King and his second son Frór.

Borin's nephew Thrór now became King of Durin's Folk, and led his people away from the perils of the Grey Mountains. Many of his people settled in the Iron Hills at this time, but Borin followed his new King to Erebor, where they refounded the Kingdom under the Mountain and grew prosperous once again. Years later, the Dwarves of Erebor would again be driven from their home by a Dragon, but Borin did not live to see that; he died while the new Kingdom was still at the height of its wealth and power, long before the coming of Smaug.

Borin is important as founding a line that would give rise to many of the adventurers better known in later times. He was the great-grandfather of no less than four of the companions on the Quest of Erebor (Balin, Dwalin, Óin and Glóin), and also the great-great-grandfather of Gimli Elf-friend of the Company of the Ring.

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