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A large mountain in the north of Middle-earth, at the junction of the Misty Mountains and the Grey
Historically connected with the Dwarves, but contested and occupied by the Orcs during the Second and Third Ages
A Dwarvish name, of unknown meaning1


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Mount Gundabad

Capital of the northern Goblins

Map of Mount Gundabad

Prominent peaks of the Misty Mountains

A mountain in the north of Middle-earth, lying at the meeting point of the Misty and the Grey Mountains. It was here that the Orcs of the northern world had their capital.



In The History of the Hobbit, John D. Rateliff speculates that name originally derived from Elvish, and can perhaps be interpreted as something like 'crossroads of stone' (presumably as a reference to the fact that it lay where the Misty Mountains met the Grey). In later work, however, Tolkien explicitly associated the name with the Dwarvish language of Khuzdul, but provided no interpretation in that language.

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