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Ghân-buri-GhânChieftain of the Woses of Drúadan Forest
GhânA name for the headman of the Drúedain
GhostsDiscarnate spirits
AghanA Drûg of the First Age
AnghabarAn iron mine among the Encircling Mountains
AzaghâlLord of Belegost
Barrow-wightsEvil spirits out of Angmar
Bough of ReturnA mariner's token of good fortune
Círdan the ShipwrightThe keeper of the Grey Havens
Daughter of UinenA title rejected by Erendis
Days of FlightThe dark time of Sauron’s rule in Middle-earth
Door of NightThe gateway to the Timeless Void
DrughuThe beings that ordinary Men called ‘woses
East BightMirkwood's treeless tract
Elves of the LightThe Calaquendi
Elves of the TwilightA name for the Sindar
Ent-draughtsThe waters of the Ents
EvernightA shadowy region of southern Aman
Flight of the NoldorThe journey of the Noldor out of Aman
Forest under NightThe darkened highlands of Dorthonion
Forest under NightshadeA name for two forests under the shadow of the Enemy
Goodenough FamilyA family of the Shire-hobbits
Green Bough of ReturnA custom among the mariners of Númenor
High EldarinThe Quenya of the Blessed Realm
High ElvesThe Elves of Valinor
High FarothThe Hills of the Hunters above Nargothrond
High HayThe great fence that ran between Buckland and the Old Forest
High KingKing of all the Dúnedain
High King of ArdaA title of the greatest of the Valar
High King of ArnorRuler of the North-kingdom
High King of the ElvesNoblest of all the Elder Kindred
High King of the NoldorA title of six lords of the Deep Elves
High MenThe Númenóreans and their descendants
High MoorThe uplands south of Rivendell
High NazgûlChieftain of the Ringwraiths
High Ones of ArdaThe Aratar, greatest among the Valar
High PassThe northern pass through the Misty Mountains
High Seat of VinyamarThe throne of Turgon in Nevrast
High SpeechThe language of the Eldar in the West
High Warden of the White TowerA title of Boromir
High-captain of AngbandThe rank of the Balrog Gothmog
High-elvenMost noble of the tongues of the Elves
HighdayThe last day of the Shire-hobbits’ week
Hill of SightA name for Amon Hen
Ivy GoodenoughThe wife of Buffo Boffin
KnightsHigh-ranked soldiers of the Dúnedain
Lampwrights’ StreetRath Celerdain in Minas Tirith
LaughterLalaith, daughter of Húrin and Morwen
Light in the WestThe lost Light of the Two Trees
Light of the TreesThe silver and golden Light of Aman
Light of ValinorThe glow of the Two Trees
Light-elvesThe followers of Ingwë
Light-towerThe Calmindon of Aldarion
LightfootThe sire of Snowmane
Lightfoot FamilyA family of the Shire-hobbits
Long NightThe ages of darkness in Middle-earth
Longholes FamilyA family of the Bree-hobbits
Man-highA height of two rangar
Men of the TwilightThe Middle Peoples
Meres of TwilightThe lakeland region of Aelin-uial
Mighty of the WestA possible title of the Númenóreans
Night-fearersMen, the Children of the Sun
Nina LightfootThe mother of Wilibald Bolger
Oghor-haiThe Orcs’ name for the Drúedain
Orc-draughtsThe burning drink of the Orcs
Pass of LightThe deep cleft in the Pelóri
River LimlightA river flowing out of northern Fangorn
River-daughterA title of Goldberry
Rushlight FamilyA family of the Men of Bree
Star of High HopeThe shining Silmaril of Eärendil
Stick-at-naughtA nickname for Aragorn used in Bree
Straight RoadThe pathway into the West
Straight StairThe lower of the Stairs of Cirith Ungol
Straight WayAn name for the Straight Road of the Elves
Swan-knightsThe elite warriors of Dol Amroth
The HighwayFinrod’s long road from Nargothrond to Minas Tirith
The MightyA title for the most powerful dwellers in Arda
The ShipwrightThe title of Círdan
The TwilightThe final fate of the Elves
TighfieldThe home of Sam Gamgee’s ancestors
Tree of the High ElvesThe image of Telperion
TuckboroughThe township beneath Great Smials
Twilight MeresThe waterways of the Aelin-uial
UnlightThe darkness of Ungoliant
Walls of NightThe ancient boundaries of Arda
WellinghallThe Ent-house beneath a spring of Entwash
Yearbook of TuckboroughThe records of the Tooks

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AduialThe dim light of evening
AlcarinquëA light placed in the sky by Varda
AlmielThe youngest daughter of Tar-Meneldur
Amon HenThe Hill of Sight
AncalagonMightiest of the winged Dragons
Ancient SpeechThe tongue of the High Elves
Ancient TongueThe language of the High Elves
Angelica BagginsThe daughter of Ponto Baggins
AragostThe eighth Chieftain of the Dúnedain
AratarThe highest of the Powers
Arveleg IThe eighth King of Arthedain
Asphodel BrandybuckA daughter of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Atanatar II AlcarinKing of Gondor at its height
Bald HillThe rocky height of Amon Rûdh
BarahirThe eighth Ruling Steward of Gondor
BatsFluttering creatures of the night
Bay of EldannaThe great western bight of Númenor
Bent WorldThe World after the making of the Straight Road
Bilbo GamgeeOne of Sam Gamgee’s many sons and daughters
Black ShadowThe blight of the Nazgûl
Blue RingMightiest of the Three Rings
CalacirianA region near the Pass of Light
CalaciryaThe Pass of Light
CalaquendiThe Elves of the Light
CalmacilThe eighteenth ruler of Númenor
CalmatémaThe ‘Light-series’
CalmindonThe Light-tower of Tol Uinen
Caverns of NarogThe caves beneath the High Faroth
CedarsMighty spreading trees of southern climes
CelebríanThe daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel
Cirith Forn en AndrathThe High Pass through the Misty Mountains
Cirith UngolThe high pass where Shelob lurked
Cold-drakesThe least mighty of Dragons
CornelA shrub producing bright red berries
Crowned with StarsThe heights of Taniquetil
Daddy TwofootGaffer Gamgee’s neighbour
Daisy GamgeeOne of Sam Gamgee’s many daughters
DéorwineA brave knight of Rohan
DorthonionThe pine-forested highlands above Beleriand
Dúnedain of GondorHigh Men of the South-kingdom
EgalmothThe eighteenth Ruling Steward of Gondor
ElemmírëA great light created by Varda
Elven-hallsThe stronghold of Menegroth
Elven-wiseThe High Elves of Middle-earth
Elvenking’s HallsThe stronghold of the Woodland Realm
Elves of ValinorCalaquendi, the Elves of the Light
Ereinion Gil-galadThe last High King of the Noldor
Eye of MordorThe piercing sight of Sauron
Fall of GondolinThe ruin of the last stronghold of the Eldar in Beleriand
FinduilasThe doomed daughter of Orodreth
FingonHigh King of the Noldor after the Dagor Bragollach
FírielA granddaughter of Samwise Gamgee
FirsHardy trees of the highlands
Forest RoadThe road that ran through Mirkwood
FormenosThe northern stronghold of Fëanor
Gil-EstelThe Star of High Hope
GilmithDaughter of Imrazôr and Mithrellas
GlóredhelDaughter of Hador the Golden-haired
Goldilocks GamgeeSam Gamgee’s golden-haired daughter
GramThe eighth King of Rohan
Great OrcsThe fighting Uruk-hai
Green HillsThe range of hills that ran through the Shire
HammerhandThe mighty fist of King Helm
Hay GateThe northern gate of the High Hay
HaysendThe village at the end of the High Hay
Heir of ElendilA descendant of the first High King
Heir of IsildurBirthright of the leaders of the Northern Dúnedain
HelluinThe brightest of Varda’s stars
Hildibrand TookEighth child of the Old Took
Hill of the EyeAmon Hen, the Hill of Sight
Hill-trollsTrolls of highland and mountain
Hills of EvendimThe twilight hills above Annúminas
Hills of the HuntersThe High Faroth on Narog
Hob GammidgeThe Roper of Tighfield
Holy OnesThe offspring of Eru’s thought
Idril CelebrindalRoyal daughter of Turgon
IngwëThe High King of the Elves
IsildurElendil’s mighty son and heir
IsilmëA daughter of Tar-Elendil
Isumbras Took IVThe twenty-eighth Thain of the Shire
King of all the DúnedainThe High King of Arnor and Gondor
King of ArnorHigh title of the Heirs of Isildur
King of the EldarA ruler of the High Elves
LalaithThe short-lived daughter of Húrin and Morwen
Last Alliance of Elves and MenThe mighty alliance between Gil-galad and Elendil
Later AgesThe time beyond the sight of the Valar
Lily BagginsThe youngest of Balbo Baggins’ daughters
LindissëThe daughter of Axantur
Lómion‘Child of the Twilight’
Lord of the HavensA title given to Círdan the Shipwright
Lúthien TinúvielThe Nightingale of Doriath
MairenA daughter of the Númenórean royal house
Master of the Grey HavensA title of Círdan the Shipwright
MayA daughter of Hobson
Mayor of the ShireThe highest office of the Shire-hobbits
MelkorMightiest of the Dwellers in Arda
Men of OldThe Exiles of Númenor at their ancient height
Men-i-NaugrimThe Dwarf-road that ran through Mirkwood
MinuialThe twilight of dawn
Morgul-wayThe roadway through the Mountains of Shadow
MorrowdimThe twilight of dawn
Mountain-trollsTrolls from the highland regions of Middle-earth
Mountains of MirkwoodThe central highlands of Middle-earth’s greatest forest
MourningNiënor, daughter of Morwen
Myrtle BurrowsThe daughter of Milo Burrows
NarsilThe mighty Sword of Elendil
Nen LalaithThe laughing stream
NessaniëDaughter of Hallatan
Netted StarsThe Remmirath of the night sky
NínielA name for Niënor the daughter of Morwen
Noontide of ValinorThe years of the Light of the Two Trees
Nora BolgerDaughter of Wilibald Bolger
North MoorsThe highlands of the Northfarthing
Northern SceptreThe symbol of the High Kings
NúmenóreansThe mightiest of Men
OiolossëThe high seat of Manwë and Varda
Old Forest RoadThe east-west road that led through Greenwood the Great
Old RoadThe road running east through Eriador
Over-heavenThe highest of the heavens
OwlsBirds of the night
Pass of CaradhrasThe pass through the Mountains of Moria
Pass of ImladrisThe High Pass through the Misty Mountains
Pinnacle of OrthancThe high tower of Isengard
Prisca BagginsDaughter of Polo Baggins
QuenyaThe ancient and noble tongue of the High Elves
River BrithonThe river that flowed through Brithombar
River EsgalduinThe river that flowed through Doriath
River LimlaithThe Elves’ name for the river otherwise called the Limlight
River LimlichAn Elvish name for the River Limlight
River LimlihtA variation on the name ‘Limlight
River LimlintAn early name for the Limlight
River RingwilThe stream that fell from the High Faroth
River TeiglinThe river that ran through Brethil
River WithywindleThe river that flowed through the Old Forest
Roper FamilyThe ropemakers of Tighfield
RoquenA horseman or knight
Rose GamgeeSam Gamgee’s second daughter
Ruby GamgeeThe youngest of Sam Gamgee’s daughters
Salvia BrandybuckA granddaughter of Gormadoc the Deepdelver
ScathaA mighty Long-worm of the Grey Mountains
Seat of Amon HenThe seat on the summit of the Hill of Sight
SilpionThe Tree of silver light
SorontilThe northern height of Númenor
Southward RoadThe long road through Ithilien
SpidersEight-legged spinners of webs
Stock RoadThe road through the Green Hill Country
Stone-trollsLumbering creatures of the night
Tar-AnárionThe eighth ruler of Númenor
Tar-Atanamir the GreatThe mighty thirteenth King of Númenor
Tar-CalmacilThe eighteenth ruler of Númenor
Tar-MírielThe rightful Heir to Tar-Palantir
TareldarThe High Elves
Tarmenel‘High Heaven’
Taur-en-FarothThe high woodland above the gates of Nargothrond
Taur-nu-FuinThe Forest under Nightshade
The CausewayThe road through the Marish
‘The Fall of Gil-galad’The tale of the last High King of the Noldor
The GreatThe mightiest of their kind
The Stock-brookThe stream that flowed through Stock in the Shire
The WaterThe main river running through the Shire
The WiseTitle of the most far-sighted of Elves and Wizards
ThéodwynDaughter, sister and mother of Kings of Rohan
ThorondorMightiest of Eagles
TindómëThe twilight before the rising of the Sun
TindómielThe daughter of Elros Tar-Minyatur
Tower of Amon SûlAn ancient stronghold of Arnor
Tower of OrthancStronghold of Saruman
UialThe time of twilight
UinénielDaughter of Uinen
UndómëThe evening twilight
UrimëThe eighth month of the Gondorian year
UruiThe eighth month of the year
UtumnoThe original stronghold of Melkor
ValandurThe eighth King of Arnor
Vale of NarogThe course of Narog through West Beleriand
Vales of SirionThe wide valley that ran north to south through Beleriand
WedmathThe eighth month of the Shire Calendar
Woody EndThe high woods above the Marish
Wraith-roadThe road through the Morgul Pass
YávienThe daughter of Nolondil
YellowskinThe Yearbook of Tuckborough

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