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Destroyed with Beleriand, c. I 583
Running southward from the Ered Wethrin across most of West Beleriand
Nargothrond lay in the narrowest part of the Vale, where Narog ran beneath Taur-en-Faroth
'Narog' means 'torrent'


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Vale of Narog

The course of Narog through West Beleriand

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Map of the Vale of Narog

The valley of the swift-running River Narog cut southwards through West Beleriand from the river's sources beneath Ered Wethrin in the north. For the first half of the river's journey, the Vale passed through the high moorlands west of Doriath, through lands that were ruled from Nargothrond, and past the field of Tumhalad where Nargothrond's last battle was fought.

As the river plunged into the rocky lands beneath Taur-en-Faroth, its valley became much steeper and narrower, until the river emerged to flow across the lowlands of West Beleriand and ran on to meet Sirion at Nan-tathren.

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