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Running west to east through the Shire, between Tookbank and Woody End
The Green Hills of the Shire are not to be confused with another range of Green Hills, the Pinnath Gelin, that lay in Gondor far to the south


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Green Hills

The range of hills that ran through the Shire

Map of the Green Hills of the Shire

The range of hills that ran west-to-east through the Shire, through three of the Shire's four farthings, that gave its name to the region known as the Green Hill Country. To the west, in the Tookland, the hills were fairly open and treeless. In contrast, their eastern slopes towards Woody End were densely wooded with trees of all kinds.

At least three rivers and streams had their sources among the Green Hills; the River Shirebourn, Thistle Brook and the Stock-brook. One of the chief towns of the Shire-hobbits, Tuckborough, lay among the western hills, and other villages were to be found among their slopes, or about their feet, including Tookbank, Woodhall and Pincup.

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