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Built in or shortly before II 8581
On the isle of Tol Uinen in the bay of Rómenna
Built by Aldarion the Great Captain
Aldarion was a descendant of the House of Elros
Associated with Rómenna in eastern Númenor
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The Calmindon of Aldarion

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A tall lighthouse that stood on the island of Tol Uinen, helping pilots to navigate through the narrow bay of Rómenna on the eastern coasts of Númenor. 'Light-tower' is a translation of its original name in Elvish, which was Calmindon. It was built by Aldarion, King's Heir to Tar-Meneldur, who was a great mariner and builder. While still the heir to the throne, he oversaw building works at the port of Rómenna, constructing great sea walls as well as raising the Light-tower on Tol Uinen out in the waters of the bay.



We do not have a precise date for the construction of the Light-tower, but we know that it was built shortly before Aldarion's betrothal to Erendis, which took place in II 858. We have no information at all about how long it stood on Tol Uinen; at the extreme, it might have survived until the Downfall of II 3319, in which it would definitely have been destroyed.

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