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Probably date back to at least the First Age1
Widespread in Middle-earth
Some seem to have been settled, or at least camped, on the Plateau of Gorgoroth in III 3019
'Troll' is a word from Scandinavian myth, used as an English translation of the Sindarin torog, of uncertain derivation


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Trolls of highland and mountain

A variety of troll adapted for life among hills and moorland. Aragorn's grandfather Arador was slain by them in the hills north of Rivendell, and a company of these creatures were among the armies that Sauron loosed from the Morannon in the War of the Ring.

In appearance they were man-like, but larger, and seem to have been covered with hard scales. They were fearsome and vicious, bellowing like beasts as they stormed into battle, and beating their enemies down with great hammers.



We know that there were trolls in the First Age, at least in the broad sense of the word, but our particular knowledge of hill-trolls derives from just two references. In III 2930, Aragorn's grandfather Arador was slain by them among the northern Coldfells, and they were also seen in the battle before the gates of Mordor on 25 March III 3019. This seems to show that they were relatively widespread in Middle-earth, at least at the end of the Third Age.

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