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First recorded at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad in I 472, but must predate this by some time. Still extant at the time of the War of the Ring at the end of the Third Age
Obscure1 - Tolkien consistently translates this word as 'Troll'


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The Elves’ name for those of Troll-kind

The Sindarin word that Tolkien normally renders as 'troll' in his works. The derivation of this word is uncertain - it may be derived from older Elvish words (see note 1 below) or perhaps imitates olog, which seems to be the comparative term in the Black Speech.



The 'rog' element of torog is reminiscent of the same element in Balrog, and the two may share a derivation from rauko, 'demon'. Following this, and hints from The Etymologies (in volume 5 of The History of Middle-earth), a possible source of the name would be taur rhaug, where taur means 'vast, mighty, overwhelming, awful', and rhaug is the origin of 'rog', 'demon'. Hence - assuming this speculation has any basis in reality - the name 'torog' would mean 'mighty demon'.

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