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Existed before the making of the World
Most associated with the strongholds of Melkor: Utumno and later Angband
From Greek daimon, 'lesser god, spirit'1


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Monstrous servants of Morgoth

Dread creatures that ranked among the most powerful of Morgoth's servants. The most feared of demons were the Balrogs, Maiar seduced to Melkor's service in the beginning of the world, but it seems the Dark Lord also had other lesser demons at his command.



The original Greek word daimon was remarkably close in meaning to Elvish Maia, referring to a lesser being of the same kind as the Valar or Powers. Neither daimon nor Maia necessarily implied an evil being; the Elvish words for an evil demon as understood in modern English was the more specific rauko or rog (as in Valarauko or Balrog, 'demon of power').

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