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The first Elves awoke some three ages (very roughly 4,300 years) before the beginning of the First Age)
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Elder Kindred

The race of Elves

Elder Kindred
Elves of the Great Journey
The Unwilling
Light Elves
The Third Clan

Some of the more important divisions of the Elder Kindred

The elder of the two races that were accounted the Children of Ilúvatar, the Elves. They awoke many thousands of years before the Younger Children, the race of Men. The fact that the Elves came into being long before Men gave them many epithets using the word 'Elder'; apart from 'Elder Kindred', they were also commonly known as the Elder Children, and also the Elder Race and the Elder People. Though they were much older as a people than Men, both races were Children of Ilúvatar and therefore considered to have a bond of kinship, made explicit by the use of the word 'Kindred'.

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