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High Seat of Vinyamar

The throne of Turgon in Nevrast

During their early years in Middle-earth, Turgon and his people settled in the northwestern land of Nevrast, and mingled with the Sindar who already occupied that region. Turgon built his halls on a western peninsula beneath Mount Taras, naming them Vinyamar, 'New Home', and for a century or more he ruled his people from the High Seat there. The seat itself was said to be hewn out of a single stone, and written with signs.

In secrecy, however, he had begun the building of the Hidden City of Gondolin among the Encircling Mountains to the east, and when the time came he led the people of Nevrast, Noldor and Sindar alike, on a journey to their new home among the Crissaegrim. At the bidding of Ulmo, before he departed Turgon mounted tokens on the wall behind the High Seat: a shield, hauberk, helm and sword carrying the livery of his house. These arms were found among the deserted ruins of Vinyamar centuries later by Tuor, and when Tuor later came to Gondolin himself, he was recognised as the messenger of Ulmo by the ancient tokens he bore.

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