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Dated back at least to the early Second Age1
Running straight west to east through Mirkwood, to the south of the Mountains of Mirkwood
Created by the Longbeard Dwarves
Built to connect the Dwarves' settlements in the Misty Mountains with those in the Iron Hills
'Road of the Dwarves'
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The Dwarf-road that ran through Mirkwood

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The straight road that ran eastward out of the Misty Mountains, across the Anduin, and directly through the central parts of Mirkwood. It was apparently built as a trade-route by the Dwarves, and dated back to at least the late Second Age, and probably considerably earlier. It was more commonly known simply as the Forest Road.



The earliest records we have of the Men-i-Naugrim date from the early centuries of the Second Age, when it served to connect Khazad-dûm, and other settlements in the Misty Mountains, with the Iron Hills beyond the Forest. At that point in history it was said to have been kept in good repair by the Dwarves, who at that time were widespread in Eriador. We know that Khazad-dûm, at least, was in existence during the First Age, and it's therefore entirely possible that the Great Dwarf Road of the Greenwood dated back into those times.

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