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Built some time after III 2340
Leading off the East Road at the northern end of the High Hay
A 'hay' in this context is a boundary hedge or fence, a reference to the High Hay or Hedge through which the gate led
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Hay Gate

The northern gate of the High Hay

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Map of the Hay Gate

The land of the Hobbits east of Brandywine was under constant danger from the Old Forest to the east, and so its inhabitants had grown a great Hedge, also called the High Hay, along its eastern borders. At its northern end, the Hedge turned westwards along the East-West Road and so came down to the banks of the river. A traveller on the road wishing to enter Buckland would therefore need to pass through the Hay, whose only entrance at this northern point was a guarded gate known variously as the Hay Gate, the North Gate and the Buckland Gate.

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