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A moor on the western flanks of the Misty Mountains to the south of Rivendell
Close to Rivendell
A stream rose on or near this moor that flowed down into Bruinen`


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High Moor

The uplands south of Rivendell

Map of the High Moor

The moorlands that rose above the narrow hidden valley of Rivendell, reached by a steep path that rose out of the valley of Elrond and led southwards. In early versions of the story of The Lord of the Rings, the High Moor was important as the place where the Company of the Ring started their southward journey through Middle-earth. The final text omits any direct mention of the moors, but instead has the Fellowship starting southwards from the Ford of Bruinen, somewhat to the west. Both versions, however, describe the Nine Walkers then passing through 'folded lands'1, which are clearly part of the High Moor in the original version, and so it seems that the Ring-bearer and his companions passed through this region, even though its name is not mentioned in the final tale.



The Fellowship of the Ring II 3, The Ring Goes South

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