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High Men

The Númenóreans and their descendants

A term used to describe the Dúnedain, those Men who had dwelt on the island of Númenor in the Great Sea until its Downfall. It was especially used of their successors in Middle-earth, the settlers of Arnor and Gondor, to distinguish them from those Men who had never left Middle-earth.

The descendants of the Edain of the First Age, the High Men had been granted gifts in Númenor that they retained after their return to Middle-earth. They were taller than other Men, lived far longer and had astonishingly keen sight. In many ways they approached the Elves in stature, though they remained Mortal. These gifts diminished as the centuries passed in Middle-earth, but even at the end of the Third Age, those of the royal lines of the High Men had extraordinary spans of life (for example Aragorn, an heir of the line of Elendil, lived for no less than two hundred and ten years).

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