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Caverns of Narog

The caves beneath the High Faroth

A system of caverns in West Beleriand, in the cliffs that rose on the western banks of the river Narog as it ran beneath the hills known as the High Faroth. In the times before the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth, these caves had been settled and delved by the Petty-dwarves, who gave them the name Nulukkizdîn. They dwelt there until the coming of Finrod, at which time they abandoned their ancient home, or perhaps were driven out (the details of their departure are a little vague).

Finrod son of Finarfin was among the Noldor who came back to Middle-earth from Aman, and was kin to Thingol of Doriath. Astonished by Thingol's great underground mansions of Menegroth, and inspired by Ulmo to seek a similar dwelling for himself, Finrod asked Thingol for aid, and Thingol told him of the Caverns of Narog. With the aid of the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, Finrod created one of the great strongholds of Beleriand within the Caverns, a place that he named Nargothrond. At this time Finrod gained a new title in the Dwarvish tongue, and from this time forward he is known in histories as Finrod Felagund, the Hewer of Caves.

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