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I 473 - I 499 (lived 26 years)
Born in Dor-lómin; settled among the Haladin of Brethil
Lived her final years at Ephel Brandir in Brethil
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Niënor, daughter of Morwen

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While his wife Morwen was still carrying their third child, Húrin set out for the confrontation with Morgoth that would become known as the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. After that great battle, not only did Húrin fail to return, but his land of Dor-lómin was occupied by Easterlings. Morwen had sent away her only surviving child, Túrin, to be fostered in Doriath, and so she was dwelling alone - but for a few remaining servants - when her daughter was born. Because of the death (as she thought) of her husband Húrin, and the loss of Dor-lómin, she gave her child the name Niënor, which comes from the Elvish for 'Mourning'.

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